Yes Michael! Please Give Me Instant Access To Your ULTIMATE Renegade "Done For You" Hiring Program That Will Save Me TONS of Time, Training & Money (Plus Eliminating My Hiring Headaches)!

Here's what I'm getting today:

  1. CD: Renegade McLean Insurance Help Wanted “Swipe File” – 100% Plug & Play To Use In Your Own Agency! (Value: $297.00)

    This is actually a CD with copies of ALL of our famous McLean Insurance “Help Wanted” Newspaper and On-Line Display Ads we have been using in our own agency successfully since 2003.

    These are true ‘Renegade Style’ WOW “Help Wanted” ads you can use anywhere to TARGET and ATTRACT the right team member (while eliminating unqualified applicants instantly).

    This CD includes full ‘Plug & Play” Help Wanted Ads you can simply and easily use in your own agency to save TONS of time and money.

    Receptionist, NEW Business Directors, CSR, Processor, Marketing Director are all included.

    This is a classic “Swipe File” and you can use these ads for your own TARGETED hirings anytime. They are VERY GOOD.

  2. Receptionist “Help Wanted” Sales Website (Done For You)! Value: $297.00

    I'll be up front here. I HATE dealing with web designers. Most don’t know a thing about creating websites (and copy) that SELL.

    When hiring team members we are trying to attract the PERFECT match and this demands a TARGETED “Help Wanted” sales site.

    ...99% of agents will waste THOUSANDS of dollars and countless hours of valuable time if they try to create all of these sites on their own.

    Most website designers (the good ones at least) charge around $95.00 per hour and will charge you 10X what you are paying here just to re-create the ads here. Plus you will continue to be SWAMPED with unqualified applicants who waste your time, energy and money.

    You'll love this site...and you'll especially love OUTSTANDING pre-qualified applicants it brings you.

  3. Client Service Representative (CSR) “Help Wanted” Website (Done For You)! Value: $297.00

    We all agree that this is the TOUGHEST position to hire in our industry.

    We are all in need of high quality CSR’s to help provide WOW service for our clients on a daily basis.

    CSR’s are NOT easy to find. This ad helps target and attract the ideal candidate you can hire and train “your way”...

  4. NEW Business Director (Sales) “Help Wanted” Website (Done For You)! Value: $297.00

    This is my personal favourite. Early in 2004 I created this 100% in-office sales position for myself and wrote over $1,000,000.00 in NEW Personal Lines business in ONE year (NEVER starting my car once to visit a prospect).

    After taking on the role of CEO I created this ad to attract and pre-qualify candidates for the most AWESOME job in insurance. We were able to hire five (5) OUTSTANDING Producers since 2004.

    You will receive more quality applications for this position when you advertise than any other (my experience multiple times).

  5. Marketing Director / Executive Assistant “Help Wanted” Website (Done For You)! Value: $297.00

    This is where the rubber meets the road.

    Agents ask me all the time: “Michael, how do you get so much done and still have a life?” The answer is an easy one.

    I invested in a full-time Marketing Director (Executive Assistant) over 4 years ago and NEVER looked back.

    I have used this style of ad TWICE to attract and pre-qualify the perfect match for this position (once after my SUPER assistant Stephanie became ill and had to step down from her position).

    I was able to AGAIN use this ad to hire Linda who today is my full-time Marketing Director.

    Her job is to turn my daily “ideas” into reality.

    This is how I get so much done and still have a life.

  6. Renegade VIDEO: Behind The Scenes Look At How I Shoot (And Why) My Famous McLean Insurance & Renegade Marketing Videos!

    You have seen my videos and you know the sell a TON of stuff.

    Ever wonder what it is like behind the scenes when we are shooting video for our agency and for my Renegade Marketing Program?

    In this video I give you “behind the scenes” PRIVATE access into how I shoot my video and my “secret 4-step” formula you must use when shooting your videos.

    This makes shooting videos simple and easy (and fun).

    This is a must-see.

You Get All Of This
...For A Tiny Fraction Of The Price!

Look. If you were to hire a web designer just to re-create these Help Wanted sites you would spend THOUSANDS before you were happy. Not to mention most web designers have ZERO sales copy writing experience.

You will waste TONS of time and money (not to mention the headaches).

But instead I'm going to let you have all of them ...almost instantly ...for a one time investment of $997.00.

That's Less Than The Cost You Would Pay
A Web Designer To Create ONE Site!

Oh – and this isn't a trial for continuity or anything like that. There are NO monthly fees involved. NO hosting fees.

You're just getting an incredible discount...from a guy who prides himself on NEVER giving discounts.

This offer will expire later TODAY (7 Agents Max.) because it's all part of a test. (I'm just doing this to see how much time and money it saves other agents when hiring in comparison to our own agency.)

Look. You've read this far. Just go ahead and give it a whirl. The worst that can happen is you get it, decide it's not for you, and I give you a refund. No big deal. (You don't even have to send any thing back!)

But my guess is you'll LOVE this and you'll get WAY MORE value out of it than what I'm asking. So either way, YOU WIN!

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